Basin Finance


BASIN and BAI Presalenomics
BASIN will have a private and public round, with an ambitious target as follows:
  • 200 ETH Total Hard Cap
  • 140 ETH from private sale
  • 60 ETH from public sale
  • 200,000 BASIN to be sold (Refer to $BASIN Tokenomics)

Private Round

  • 150,000 BASIN to private seed
  • 7 day vesting period, starts at the same time when token launches
  • Launch premium 35% below launch price

Public Round

  • 50,000 BASIN to public presale
  • 7 day vesting period, starts at the same time when token launches
  • Launch premium 15% below launch price

Pricing and Launch Calculations

Assuming all 200 ETH is successfully raised
  • 140 ETH and 100k BASIN will be added to BASIN/ETH LP = 0.0014 ETH Launch Price
  • Private Sale Price has a 30% premium = 0.00093 ETH Sale Price
  • Public Sale Price has a 15% premium = 0.0012 ETH Sale Price
  • Circulating supply at launch will be 300k BASIN (200k + 100k)
  • FDV's will respectively be 933E presale // 1.2K public // 1.4k at launch
All ETH raised will be distributed as follows:
  • 70% of raised ETH goes directly into an immutable LP launch for BASIN/ETH
  • 20% of raised ETH will be sold into a stablecoin and fund the BAI PSM, as collateral reserve
  • 10% of raised ETH will go to treasury for marketing funds + runway
Currently, there will be no minimum or maximum allocations per wallet.
Subject to change.

Liquidity Launch


$BASIN will instantly launch above the presale price, and this launch price is directly hardcoded in the presale contract to ensure potential profitability for presale participants.


Presale participants will undergo a 7 days linearly unlocking vesting period to prevent instant dumpage.